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Encounter the Extraordinary in St. Lucia

Where in the world can you find towering mountain peaks, lush rainforests, locally grown chocolate, volcanic mud baths and some of the friendliest people in the world? St. Lucia offers all this and more, making it a destination every traveler needs to experience. Evocative and captivating, St. Lucia has a warm climate year-round, perfect for hiking, swimming, and exploring her lively towns. Being the only Caribbean island named after a woman, it's easy to understand why visitors are inspired by St. Lucia's beauty, serenity and vibrant culture. Explore her wonders yourself and see what makes this destination so easy to love and so hard to leave.

Scuba Diving St Lucia

A Diver's Dream Come True

Perfectly situated between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, St. Lucia is the perfect diving destination for adventurers of all ability levels. With more than 22 dive locations, you'll find options for snorkeling, scuba and dive expeditions with certifications from ASHI, PADI, and NAUI. Prefer to stay on land? St. Lucia's coastline is dotted with stunning beaches where you can watch the turquoise waves roll in. Head to Sugar Beach for views of the mountains, or watch boats gently bob on the waters of Marigot Bay Beach.

Flowers Pitons Volcanos St Lucia

Historic Must-Sees

St. Lucia's mountains, jungles and beaches are filled with history and stories waiting to be discovered by all who visit. Explore the famous Pitons, two dormant volcanoes on the island's southwestern coast. Hike around these landmarks to see exotic plants and wildlife, or sail around them for a view from the sea. You can also set sail to Pigeon Island, where infamous pirate Jamb de Bois hid when ambushing Spanish trade ships. The isle is now a top spot for history buffs; discover the mysterious ruins of Fort Rodney, where vacant cannons still sit.

Town of Soufriere in St Lucia

Get to Know Every Side of St. Lucia

St. Lucia's cities offer quaint and vibrant experiences for anyone looking to explore like a local. The western town of Soufrière provides a great daytrip with a bustling town square and the Saint Lucia Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens. The north side of the island is home to Rodney Bay, which offers some of the best beaches and popular nightlife spots and casinos. For the ultimate adventure, trek into central St. Lucia and hike through the Edmund Forest Reserve. The waterfalls and jungle trails will make you feel like you're in an enchanted land.

Bunch of Bananas

A Taste of the Tropics

With its blend of American, European, Indian and Caribbean cultures, it's no surprise that St. Lucia's cuisine offers an eclectic mix of flavors. It's been said that you haven't tried a banana until you've had one from St. Lucia; the fruit is so popular here that it's part of the island's signature dish, green figs and salt fish, made from boiled unripe bananas and salt-cured cod. Got a sweet tooth? You're in luck--cacao beans are another key crop from St. Lucia, which are used to make locally grown chocolate. Foodies who want to sample the sweet with locally-made rum and other products will adore one of the many food tours on the island. Or, take a lesson from the pros and harvest your own cacao and create your own chocolate on the spot!

St. Lucia Resorts

Resort buildings in St Lucia located on marina with large boats
Zoëtry Marigot Bay St. Lucia Saint Lucia
With an iconic marina location, beautifully designed suites and unparalleled service, this boutique resort will charm every visitor looking for an authentic, all-inclusive St. Lucian experience with Endless Privileges®.

Events in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a social butterfly's dream. Check out these local events that bring the island's culture to life.

*Event dates are subject to change.


St. Lucia Carnival

Each year St. Lucia hosts a special celebration of Caribbean history, culture and creativity with colorful parades, exciting competitions and endless live music. Dance to the exuberant steel drums, cheer on calypso dancers competing for gold, marvel at stunning costumes--you can do it all at Carnival!


La Rose and La Marguerite Flower Festivals

St. Lucia hosts two flower festivals per year; La Marguerite and La Rose each pay homage to the island's rich history, culture and heritage. Both flower festivals symbolize a historical rivalry between communities, whose members honor their flowers. The community members of La Rose show their love for the rose by dressing in red and creating gorgeous displays made of the crimson beauties. La Marguerite community members wear purple and sing traditional songs while showcasing displays of marguerite flowers.

Reggae Band

Roots & Soul Festival

This upbeat festival is a mecca or musicians who are trendsetters in reggae, hip-hop, Afropunk and R&B. Live performances, collaborations with various artists and master classes from the pros will have any music lover feeling the groove at the island's best event venues, culminating at Pidgeon Island.

Scuba Diving St Lucia

St. Lucia Dive & Adventure Week

With over 20 dive sites on the island, St. Lucia is paradise for those who wish to explore the big blue. Each year, adventurers gather for dive shows, competitions and tours to experience the scenic beauty of the St. Lucia shores close up, exploring rainbow coral reefs and exotic marine life.

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Flowers Pitons Volcanos St Lucia St. Lucia
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