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Alua Hotels & Resorts

Meeting Happiness

Discover Alua Hotels & Resorts, 3 and 4-star hotels on the seafront or just a few metres from the sea that guarantee the most modern, unique and fun-packed holiday experiences.

Alua hotels offer tailor-made experiences for different types of guests, from travellers seeking an all-inclusive or adults-only experience to families and people looking for an oasis of wellness.

Part of the European Collection

As a member you can visit coastal and island destinations across Europe. Rather than replicate every benefit of service you associate with Unlimited-Luxury®, these counterparts introduce the European style of vacationing and offer several models of service and stay options, including Bed & Breakfast, half board and all-inclusive. Learn more about the European Collection here.

Alua Experience

Alua Hotels & Resorts offer tailor-made experiences for every type of guest. We have facilities for travellers looking for an all-inclusive or adults-only experience and also for families and travellers seeking wellness and relaxation.

Alua Hotels & Resorts always aim to deliver experiences, originality and flexibility, while never forgetting our firm commitment to sustainability. Our top objective is to offer the highest quality standards and an unforgettable stay to all of our guests.

My Favorite Club Lounge

The value of excellence

My Favorite Club offers a luxurious experience for our most discerning guests. You will enjoy carefully selected premium services that make all the difference.

And added values that add that touch of exclusivity you are looking for to your holiday. When you book a My Favorite Club room, you also get access to private hotel areas, private check-in and check-out services, more spacious rooms with the best views, special amenities and attention, and VIP details that will make your stay a truly unique experience.

Kentia Pool Club with sitting area with beautiful view of the grounds.

Make the most of your holiday experience

The all-inclusive service at Alua Hotels & Resorts is an excellent choice for guests who want to enjoy our quality service as much as possible and only have to worry about having a great time.

All-inclusive holidays at Alua Hotels & Resorts offer you a very comfortable and convenient formula for trips with your family, friends or partner.

There are so many benefits thanks to the quality and also the quantity of the services on offer. Control your spending on your trip without missing a single thing; our hotels offer you all the comforts you could want or imagine to ensure that you and your loved ones can focus on enjoying yourselves.

Couple at the pool

The holiday you deserve

If you are looking for privacy, relaxation and the best possible services for your trip with your partner, AluaSoul hotels, the Alua Hotels & Resorts adults-only option, is your best choice.

A perfect opportunity to share time and experiences with that very special person in your life, and enjoy the unique romantic experiences that you deserve.

Our Alua adults-only experiences are divided into solar and lunar moments, so you just have to choose at what time of day you wish to enjoy the special activities the hotel has designed especially for you.


Swimming Pool and water park with slides

Endless fun

The Alua Hotels & Resorts for families in the most popular sun and beach destinations offer a wide range of opportunities and services that both young and old will love.

Fun is guaranteed in our outdoor pools and lively Splash Pools, and if the kids still want more, our Astro Family team will keep them happy with entertainment and activities throughout the day. The experience for families is further enhanced with delicious and varied international cuisine, rooms and apartments designed for everyone to have their space, and a fun-packed and lively atmosphere throughout the hotel at all times.


Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience

Enjoy all the benefits of the wellness experiences that Alua Hotels & Resorts have designed with travellers like you in mind, aiming to leave all the stress and tension of everyday life well behind you.

Restore balance to both your body and soul with our exclusive wellness and beauty facilities, including signature massages, relaxation and beauty treatments, and rituals which you can enjoy in the best company. Achieve a perfect physical, mental and emotional balance while also enjoying an unforgettable experience.

Calo des Moro is a small, sandy beach with shallow turquoise waters


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